Amy Richfield-Wyatt is the designer and maker of classically beautiful jewellery. Her interest in jewellery began with her Art Foundation, Amy developed her 2D skills but found a real satisfaction in metal. She graduated from Bournemouth University in 2012 with a 1st Class Ba Hons degree in Applied Art. She studied Ceramics, Hot Glass and Metals but specialised in jewellery.

Sinse her second year of University she has assisted an extremely popular contemporary jeweller in Salisbury gaining vital understanding of her industry.

Amy Works for a local company called Moleroda Finishing Systems. Moleroda manufacture and supply specialist equipment for fine finishing. They deal with industries as diverse as aerospace and medical implants. Amy specialises in the Jewellery side of the business working with suppliers and individual Jewellers to fulfil their finishing needs. She develops the range available on their specially devoted Jewellery website 

In her free time she is a freelance Bench Jeweller as well as working on private commissions. Her style can be as diverse as her clients, however she fundamentally loves beautiful stones and flowing lines.

Amy is inspired by the place in which she has been brought up, surrounded by peaceful countryside. She also draws inspiration from other forms of craftsmaship, particularly in architecture and the wider applied arts. She appreciates the evidence of skill.

Feel free to contact me via email or though my social media pages